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Joining the Century City Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for your interest in joining the Century City Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to your involvement in the community!

Choose your Level of Membership:

  1. PREMIUM CORPORATE LEVEL MEMBERSHIP: BRONZE - $2,000; SILVER - $3,500; GOLD - $5,000; PLATINUM - $7,500; DIAMOND - $10,000   Premium membership includes enhanced, regular, consistent marketing visibility, speaking, and sponsorship opportunities based on your firm’s specific goals. It is personalized to include VIP invitations and experiences and tickets to monthly happy hours, sponsorships for State of the City, Citizen of the Year, Insights from the C-Suite, Golf Tournament, or Women of Achievement. The firm selects a level and the membership and benefits are agreed upon. For example, is a firm selects Gold, the corporate membership is carved out of that amount, $1,000, if there are 100 or less employees. For the remaining $4,000, the firm identifies which events would be most valuable, possibly a bronze sponsorship at Women of Achievement or State of the City, a foursome at the Golf Tournament, or the remaining sponsorship in tickets to Insights from the C-Suite (Women’s Business Council female CEO panel) or to each monthly happy hour.
  2. CORPORATE: Annual membership based on the number of employees working for the company’s local office. All employees receive member benefits.
    101 + employees - $1,325; 100 or less employees - $1,125; 50 or less employees - $975; 5 or less employees - $775
  6. PROPERTIES/COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS - based on square footage (call the office for details)
  7. ADVERTISING/MARKETING - personalized digital packages available for weekly e-newsletters, stand-alone distribution and social media posts (call the office for pricing)
  8. COMMUNITY: $100 – Distribution list for a weekly e-newsletter containing community information, resources, and events, and community alert emails

Why Your Company Should Join

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